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Ante-Natal Clinic Midwife and Doctors
Benhill Ave - Monday 1.30pm - 2.30pm
Belmont - Thursday 9.00am - 9.30am
Well Baby Clinic Health Visitors
Every Tuesday 9.30am – 11.30am
Manor Park Children’s Centre
Myrtle Road, Sutton, Surrey  SM1 4BX  
Tel: 020 8405 2070

Every Tuesday 10.00am – 11.30am
Shanklin Children’s Centre
Community Hall, Shanklin Village
25 Rookley Close, Sutton, Surrey SM2 6TT
Tel: 020 8406 1354

It is the policy of this practice to encourage full immunisation and regular baby checks.

Family Planning Clinic Benhill Ave - Tuesday 3.00pm - 3.40pm

Minor Surgery Dr. Malik, Practice Nurse
By prior appointment from your GP
Phlebotomy Clinic Blood Tests are available every Wednesday at 54 Benhill Avenue for our patients registered at either Benhill or Belmont between 8.30am - 11.00am. Please make an appointment by telephoning 0208 642 8011.
Asthma and Diabetes By appointment
Well Man/Woman Checks By appointment
Travel Vaccinations By appointment
Immunisations By appointment
MMR Decision Aid

This website has been designed to help parents make this decision by:

  • Providing information about measles, mumps and rubella
  • Providing information about the MMR vaccine
  • Clarifying what is important to you in making a decision about MMR vaccination

IMPORTANT: Please note we do NOT offer Hepetitis B or any other occupational health vaccinations on the NHS.

Non NHS Services

The Doctors are able to provide certain services not covered by the NHS, e.g. certain medical examinations, driving licence forms, insurance reports, special letters etc. These services are subject to a fee.

Some of these services may require a special appointment. Please ask the receptionist for advice.

Sickness Certificates

You do not require a doctor's sickness certificate for any illness lasting 7 days or less. Your employer may, however, require you to complete a self-certification form which is available from your employer or at our reception. For any illness lasting longer than 7 days you will need to see the doctor for him or her to issue a certificate.

You may not need to see your doctor in person if we already have a written report relating to your illness from another doctor, eg a consultant. Subsequent sickness certificates can sometimes be done over the telephone but will often require a further appointment to review the situation.

Minor Ailment Scheme

This is a scheme designed to provide NHS funded treatments, from pharmacies, for specific minor /common health problems.

The minor ailment scheme is commissioned in Sutton, by NHS England.

The service migrated from the former Sutton and Merton PCT to NHS England and as such remains a Sutton and Merton service. Service specification is a bit out of date but is under review and we have been advised that they are currently extending the service to include more pharmacists.

If a pharmacy runs the scheme, the pharmacist will be assess your needs, give you advice, suggest medicines if appropriate, and refer you to a GP if necessary.

If you normally pay a prescription charge, this charge will apply here. If you're exempt from prescription charges – if you're under 16 or over 60, for example, or if you have a prescription prepayment certificate (PPC) – you won't pay for the medicine.

There is a set list of conditions which are covered under the scheme

Sore throats
Indigestion/Heart Burn/Tummy Upset
Vaginal Thrush
Athlete’s foot
Insect Bites and Stings
Oral Ulceration and Inflammation
Nappy Rash
Acute Bacterial Conjuctivitis
Head Lice

Not every pharmacy in Sutton will provide the service, indications are that about a third of Sutton’s pharmacies provide the service but as there is no list we can’t be sure how accurate that figure.

Work is being carried out to get an up to date list.

Best advice, for now is, until we have a list is to ask your local pharmacy if they run the scheme.

NHS Sutton CCG Patient Engagement Projects

Help Yourself to Health Programme

The Health Yourself to Health programme is for disadvantaged, migrant and minority ethnic communities within Sutton. Health Yourself to Health aims to motivate and empower participants, promote self-care, improve lifestyle, reinforce positive health behaviours and reduce health inequalities within the Polish, Urdu and Tamil communities. Comprises of a health education course and outreach engagement sessions.

Courses will take place once a week for six weeks, for approximately 3 hours in community venues. Aim to improve knowledge of NHS Services and how to access them appropriately, raise the awareness of key health prevention messages and help participants take control of their general health and wellbeing, and of their families.

Sutton CCG is working with Sutton and Merton LiveWell to ensure successful delivery of the programme. Health Advocacy workers with existing relations within the Polish, Urdu and Tamil communities will be trained to deliver courses and recruit participants.

Programme will start in April 2016 and include:

  • Designing a six week course and the supporting materials
  • Production of hard and electronic copies of manual and materials
  • Training the trainers to deliver the courses
  • Organisation of courses, including sourcing suitable venues
  • Recruitment and support of course participants
  • Delivering courses within the Polish, Urdu and Tamil communities
  • Reporting on the course findings and outcomes
  • Delivering engagement sessions within Polish, Urdu and Tamil communities to identify barriers to accessing health services and produce report on findings
  • Delivery of GP outreach registration sessions and produce report on findings

Patient Access Online

The Patient Online project will improve GP online services such as online appointments, repeat prescriptions and access to medical records. It aims to increase the number of patients using the online service, and free up telephone lines for patients who do not use computers, tablets or smartphones.

Sutton CCG are working with GP Practices to increase the number of appointments available online, and improve patients access to their medical records. Patient guides have been produced to make the process as simple as possible.

Practices will continue to promote online services. Local groups and organisations are being ask to promote online services in their newsletters. CCG and GP Practices are holding patient information sessions across the borough to promote services.

Would Patient Reference Group members be happy to help promote Patient Online within their Practices and beyond?

Patient Education Sessions

The Patient Education sessions are planned activities designed to improve patient’s health, knowledge and awareness of the importance and benefits of self-care. The main purpose is to maintain or to improve patient health. Informed and educated patients actively participate in their own health management and treatment which can help identify areas for improvement and improve health outcomes.

Current demand in general Practice places considerable pressure on workload for clinicians, especially with regard to proactive education with patients. Patient education is a key aspect of patient care, especially with regard to long term conditions and the multi-disciplinary approach that is often a requirement for sustained quality of life and improved health outcomes.

Sutton CCG and GP Practices are working together to recruit teams, colleagues and groups from across general practice, pharmacy, public health, social services, community services, acute trust, schools and colleges and the voluntary sector to provide pro-active health education. Topics will include:

  • Living with Diabetes
  • Living with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
  • Looking after an unwell child
  • Managing your health after 75

Sessions will take place on a monthly basis in community venues, lasting approximately two hours. Session will include short talks and information stalls in market place style. Stands will be manned by local professionals who are able to inform and support patients, carers and their families.

Patients needing extra support, or are at risk of, will be identified by GP Practices and invited to attend sessions. They will be encouraged to bring family, friends or carers who support them. Planned sessions include:

  • Managing Your Health 75+
    23 March 2016 (Weds), 10.00-12.00 SCILL, Robin Hood Lane, Sutton, SM1 2SW
  • Looking After an Unwell Child
    28 April 2016 (Thurs), 9.00-11.00 Phoenix Centre, Mollison Drive, Wallington, SM6 9NZ
  • Living with COPD
    18 May 2016 (Weds), 2.00 to 4.00 David Weir Leisure Centre, Middleton Rd, Carshalton SM5 1SL
  • Living with Diabetes
    26 June 2016 (Sat) 10.30-12.30 Cheam Baptist Church, 4 Park Rd, Sutton, SM3 8QB

Sutton Better Care Fund Target areas 2016/17

Sutton’s BCF plans for 2016/17 will continue to build on the good work commenced in 2015/16 around our key priority areas of:

  • Integrating our Locality Teams
  • Ensuring our provision of equipment services is adequate
  • Appropriate services available seven days per week
  • Intermediate care pathway redesign
  • Dementia diagnosis

In addition the following new areas of work have been chosen for a targeted approach in 2016/17:

  • Aligning BCF with our ‘Sutton Homes of Care’ Vanguard to focus on:
    • weekend discharges to care homes
    • smoother assessment processes and discharge to residential homes
    • support to patients and their families in choosing long term residential care (when indicated)
  • Aligning to the CCG’s Long Term Conditions workstreams for Respiratory and Diabetes
  • Working closely with extended partners in the Borough to tackle complex discharge, frequent attenders and maintaining independence at home (particularly in relation to falls prevention). This work includes Sutton Housing Partnership, Sutton Fire Brigade, London Ambulance Service, providers of telecare and Age UK.
  • Working with General Practice colleagues to support further implementation of our ‘Primary Care Support Model’ for high risk patients - A ‘Primary Care Support Model’ has been commissioned in 2015/16 from our local community services provider, a division of the Royal Marsden Hospital, to work in general practices to ensure that care plans for the vulnerable 2% of patients are kept up-to-date, developed with input from patients and carers and the wider Multi Disciplinary Team, and that they are fully actioned. Focus in the first year will be on a subset of the 2%, identified by GPs as being those patients whose health and social situation would be most amenable to respond if they were to have a more proactive care plan in place. The Model comprises staffing by four full-time AfC Band 7 nurses. The Model is currently in the mobilization phase with staffing due to be in place by April 2016. General practices in Sutton very much welcome this approach to care planning and are looking forward to having this additional nursing support in their practices.
  • Personal health budgets – Extending the CCG offering for personal health budgets in line with national guidance.

These five target areas will form the basis of our workplans for 2016/17 and will support Sutton to work towards meeting the BCF national conditions.

If you would like to provide feedback, or learn more about the Better Care Fund, please email